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Services Packages

WordPress Services

WordPress VPS Setup

$80 /MO

  • VPS/Cloud Server Setup
  • Server Configuration
  • Performance Optimization
  • Server Security Hardening
  • Backup Configuration

Website Audit & Optimisation

$150 /MO

  • Thorough technical Site Auditing
  • Robots.txt & Sitemap Generation
  • Intelligent on-page SEO Audit
  • Onetime Content Optimization
  • SSL Setup

Malware Removal

$150 /MO

  • Websites Security Analysis
  • Diagnostic Report
  • Malware Removal
  • Website Repair
  • Malware Removal Report

Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress Services

What is included in WordPress VPS Setup Services?

  • Securing server with Firewall i.e Iptables,Firewallld, CSF and Fail2ban against BUTE-FORCE ATTACKS.
  • File integrity check program to detect intrusion.
  • Custom Build Nginx or Apache with ModSecurity and pagespeed.
  • PHP-FPM latest with separate Pools for all websites.
  • MariaDB/MySQL latest version fully tuned.
  • SSL installation or free letsencrypt install.
  • SSH Hardening, Kernel Tuning.
  • Backups to Google Drive. *
  • Cloudflare setup. 
  • DNS configuration.
  • One sites Migration. *

What is included in Website Audit & Malware Removal Services?

Security Audit
Audit your site to check for vulnerabilities to SQL injections, XSS, LFI, RFI & more.
Website Update
Update WordPress and plugins for a more stable & secure website.
Speed Optimization
Improve your speed with lossless image optimization, file minification & caching to make your site fast enough to get an A speed score.
Automatic Backups
Setup a system that makes automatic backups.
Malware Removal
Remove any malware found on your site and install a malware scanner.
Security Hardening
Optimize the security of your site with bruteforce & DDoS protection, blacklist monitoring, notifications & more.
Stealth Mode
All traces of themes & plugins will be hidden to protect you against 0-Day exploits & bot scanners.

What about Security Patches Updates?

Is this service for any type of website or just WordPress?

What kind of support do you provide?

What about A Speed Scores?

Popular WordPress Services

We provide audit services to make your WordPress website load fast and remain secured. Get a free analysis and an estimate. Our services include Security and performance Audit, Server Setup and optimisation and Malware removal and Security Hardening.

WordPress VPS Setup

We will setup an Optimized and Secured VPS for your WordPress powered blogs or Website in any public cloud of your choice.

WP Blog/Website Setup

We setup you WordPress powered Website/Blog with a theme and necessary plugin installed as per your requirement.

WP Website Audit

We perform Security Audit, Updates, Speed Optimization & Setup an Automatic Backups of your WordPress Site

WP e-Commerce Site Setup

We will setup your E-commerce online shop using WordPress and WooCommerce plugin.

WP Malware Removal

If you WordPress sites has been hacked we will remove Malware and do Security Hardening etc. for enhancing security of your site.

WP SEO Audit and Optimization

We will perform SEO Audit and optimize your site for Google and other popular search engines for ranking.

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Our Expertise

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  • Security
  • Performance
  • Design & Development

Why Do You Need

WordPress Services


Contact us and get a complete check of your website including all the performance and security issues listed and how we can fix them.


We can improve the security of your website by implementing an SSL certificate as well as Cloudflare protection.


The performance of your site have an impact on its SEO. With our services, you will increase your visibility on the internet.


Increase your number of visitors by offering a fast website on PC but also on mobile support.

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