Whether it is an enterprise server or an end user’s laptop, a computer on the internet is a system that is at risk. Palcom Intrusion detection software helps you prepare for, deal with and fend off attacks on your network. From DDoS attacks, port scans to back door attacks. Server Security Services from Palcom also help you to identify the source of such attacks in real time.

Another common vector for malware to get on to your network is through a users’ laptops or other unprotected sources. Our intrusion detection system detects and isolates infected systems and protects the rest of your infrastructure from worms, trojans, viruses, root kits and spyware. As companies put more of their businesses online there is much more on the line when it comes to security. The Palcom Intrusion Detection System and Integrity Service gives you the kind of control and customisation that off the shelf solutions just cannot match.

Network threats, along with a complete picture of the infections/malware and other vulnerabilities can be viewed in the tool, by Palcom clients. With combined reports for web vulnerabilities, malware detection results and complete logs from the IDS and IFS tools of all activity at your fingertips, online tools becomes your single window security control panel.