Palcom Online Services

Now monitoring the performance of internet services like HTTPS, DNS, FTP, SSL, SMTP, POP, URLs and APIs is no more a challenge. Our NOC engineers work as an extension of your in-house team to continuously monitor dashboards, open trouble tickets, call your onsite team or troubleshoot issues as required. You need not worry about investing in a monitoring software or worry about its setup. We have invested and setup a 24×7 NOC for you and you can pay just a small fee per device to leverage on our investments and expertise.

Website Monitoring

We monitor the performance and availability of your websites and send alerts on its downtime instantaneously. We also keep track of response time and can set monitoring intervals as per your requirements to monitor your different URLs.

Web Application Monitoring

We monitor the up-time and performance of your business critical e-commerce or other business applications. Our in-depth monitoring record each step in your e-cart at regular intervals to find out if there is any slowness in application performance that will drive away any of your impatient customer.

Web Page Analyser

We provide in-depth visibility on how a webpage is loading for your customers by tracking performance of individual HTML components such as JavaScript, CSS and images etc. We also help you view throughput of webserver running main domains and sub-domains.

Services Monitoring

We can monitor availability of critical services. We support monitoring HTTP(S), FTP(S), DNS, PING, TCP, SSL, SMTP, POP, etc.

Server Monitoring

Our services monitor critical server metrics such as CPU, Disk, Memory, Process, Services and Network Utilization of Linux and Windows servers that run your business critical applications. Our services ensure minimum overhead and maintenance costs of monitoring.

Exchange Server Monitoring

We can monitor the performance of Mailbox, Hub Transport, Client Access, Unified Messaging and Edge roles in your MS Exchange deployment hosted local in you premises of on a global network.

DNS Server Monitoring

Our monitoring services ensure your DNS look-ups are working and your DNS server is resolving domain names correctly. We also monitor the response time for DNS resolutions and DNS look-ups to enhance your hosting performance.

FTP RTT Monitoring

We can setup monitoring to check the response time for uploading and downloading important files via your FTP server. This helps optimising the performance by checking the round trip time of your FTP service.

Mail Server Monitoring

We can monitor you mail server to ensure optimum performance. Our monitoring system checks the performance by working like your email client and monitors the response time and performance of your mail servers, both outgoing SMTP and incoming POP/IMAP.

Tech Support


  • Windows/Linux servers
  • Routers, Firewalls and generic devices
  • Protocols HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/DNS etc.
  • Services like IIS/Apache/Exchange etc.
  • Website uptime check/URL monitoring
  • Round Trip and availability monitoring
  • Server disk space/memory etc.
  • Monitored in 10 minutes frequency
  • Response time 15 minutes
  • Alerts verified by humans
  • Monthly detailed reports
  • Gain insight into server status
  • View critical information
  • Get in-depth analysis of the Server
  • Cloud Server Monitoring
  • Java Application Monitoring