Industry Partners

If you are a hosting reseller, system integrator, free-lancers doing Web-design and development work, who wants to resell or use IT infrastructure services to your customers, Palcomonline has the right Partner program for you.

Reseller Partner

Palcom is committed to providing the most cost-optimized pricing to its loyal customers. The more services/servers you purchase with Palcom the better pricing you will receive. If you do not find a solution or configuration matching your specific requirements on our site that you wish to purchase or offer your customers as a reseller, do let us know. We will work with you to create whatever solution or configuration is the best that suits you and/or your customer. The prime objective of our partner program is to create an environment that encourage and motivate our partners to procure more and more business. Get started now.

Make us Hosting Partner and Relax

We consider ourselves as partners to each and every customer for all of their Hosting requirements. We work with Software Development companies, Digital Marketing companies, News Agencies, Educational Organisations and host of other industries to plan, deploy and support their hosting infrastructure on our network of Data Centers across the world.

When we work as preferred hosting partners with agencies like you we not only offer the best value addition to the services to your customers but also work together to thrash out the challengers which you may face in the process of bringing your project live from a development environment to a live server.

We also provide help to such agencies in the post live scenarios where you may have to deal with challenges related to compliance and security issues concerning your projects.

Talk to us

We are happy to listen to you and understanding the challenges you are facing in hosting and managing your application servers, database server, and communication servers, network devices and Backup and DR Infrastructure. We can help you out with our Products and Services to leverage our vast experience for your success.

Our Industry Partners

We are partnered with the best in the hosting industry to make sure that we deliver the best products and service with the cutting edge technology employing the best practices in the industry.