Managed Storage

Fully Managed Cloud Storage & Backup

A Complete Range of Cloud Storage Services

It is a highly redundant, massively scalable, widely distributed and secured storage solution delivered over the internet using familiar web browsers. It is architected using OpenStack and is hosted inside Tier III Data Centres in India, providing you access to unlimited, on-demand storage for your files and media delivered worldwide at blazing speed.

What you need now and what you would need months or years from now can be two entirely different. That’s why Palcom has multiple storage solutions for you. You can get the right storage now and have the right alternatives down the road as and when you actually need. No matter how you grow and evolve, our storage architecture ensures that you always have the right solution according to your budget, capacity and performance needs.

Wide Selection

We offer a full range of high-performance storage technologies for big storage, Fast storage, Attached storage, Geographically-distributed storage.

High Scalability

Scale capacity up or down on demand with little or no interruption to your service.

Fast and Secure

Our Super-fast 10GbE internal network connection to your storage volume means relief from I/O bottlenecks, increased throughput, and better performance for your apps.

Integrated with CDN

With our Object Storage integrated with global CDN, you can even clone or transfer your data anytime and anywhere.

How it works?

You can start using the cloud storage system with following these simple steps:

If you don’t have an existing account, sign-up for one here

Contract your initial storage quota and start adding accounts into it. Accounts can be different departments within your organization or may even be various projects.

You can create Containers within accounts. You may also decide to give a public or private access to a container. A private container is mapped to a single user whereas a public container can be allocated to a set of users.