Managed Datacenter Services

All Dedicated server options without compromise.

Today’s business runs on complex environments having multiple and widely-ranging workloads. We work with you to customize a hosting architecture that delivers the performance and uptime your business demands. Benefit from our experience of planning, deploying and managing configurations for all types of industries.

We provide powerful bare metal servers and flexible virtual servers within a single seamless platform. As you expect, our virtual cloud servers, it’s all on demand and billed on monthly or hourly terms as you chose. No long-term commitments and complete infrastructure control.

On Demand

Your virtual server on cloud can be online in within 15 minutes. A bare metal server can be provisioned in 12–24 hours.


Move your objects/images to and from bare metal and virtual servers with

Fully Customizable

You can customize hosting resources that delivers the performance and uptime your business demands.


All services are integrated on a single platform to optimize performance and ease of management and control.

Dedicated Servers

Starting at


You can fully customize your bare metal server with your choice of processor(s), hard drive, RAM, port speed and with many more configurable items. We deploy it in 12 to 24 hours. Your bare metal server also includes 10TB of outbound public bandwidth without any additional cost.

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Virtual Servers

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You just need to select the cores, storage, and RAM as you need and our automated provisioning system will deploy your virtual server within 15 minutes. Your virtual server also includes 1TB of outbound public bandwidth under monthly billing plan without additional cost.

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