Hybrid Cloud

Add Resources to Your IT Infra

Our Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) lets you add agility to your application lifecycle. We can provide an optimum mix of dedicated hardware, virtual servers, private cloud, and our high-performance public cloud.

  •     Dedicated hosting provides online data isolation and high performance with security. Learn more
  •     Our Cloud gives you both affordability and flexibility with on-demand availability that can scale up or down with online traffic to your website. Learn more
  •     Our HybridCloud technology can connect your physical dedicated server infrastructure or private cloud for mission-critical applications and push the non-critical data and applications to the cloud. Learn more

Combine the power of Your Physical Infrastructure with the Cloud

Cost-effective hybrid is Ideal for e-commerce sites, high-traffic blogs, content management systems, and database-driven web apps.

  •     Dedicated database server provides high performance and reliability
  •     Dedicated firewall enhances security for your dedicated and Cloud Servers
  •     On-demand Cloud Servers deliver scalability
  •     Hybricloud now comes with Cloudbursting technology
  •     High-capacity network for fast throughput for Cloud Servers, Cloud Files etc.
  •     Choose a Managed Cloud Service Level to save time by letting us manage your cloud
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