Cloud Apps

Enterprise Grade Software as a Service

What is managed cloud? Its Creating an exceptional online customer experience without worrying about managing high-performance IT infrastructure. You can run your online applications on an un-managed cloud also where you patch, upgrade, scale, and monitor it yourself. Or, choose a Palcomonline managed Cloud hosting solution and our hosting experts customize your IT environment and run it for you. We even optimize your website for page loads, security, and PCI compliance and much more.

Hosted Application To Choose From:


Highly scalable platform to spin up sites quickly or a completely custom architecture to support massive traffic or strict compliance requirements for your web-presence.

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E-commerce and Retail

Choose between a simple rapid-deployment templates for self-service management on our public cloud platform or complete end-to-end support. for your e-commerce project.

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Content Management

We make your website fast & secured. Forget long page load times, delays in updating content and even minimal downtime can compromise your bottom line.

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Productivity & Collaboration

Our experts configure, manage and support your productivity tools like Microsoft® Office 365, Google Apps for Work, SharePoint® and Skype for Business.

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