Bare Metal

Raw Machine computing power

Palcomonline’s bare metal servers provide the dedicated raw horsepower you need for your processor-intensive and disk I/O-intensive workloads. These servers come with complete package of standard features and services.

Configure to your server to your exact specifications requirement via our portal and deploy in real time to any of our data center. We give you what other cloud servers dream of this kind of speed, power and flexibility.

Single Processor

$159 Per Month

  • 2.66GHz to 2.9GHz
  • Up to 8 cores
  • up to 128GB RAM
  • Ideal For: Entry Level Web hosting, Development Sandbox, Simple Email Servers

Dual Processor

$259 Per Month

  • At vero eos
  • No Support
  • Fusce condimentum
  • Ideal For:Hosting Resellers, Moderate-Sized Websites, SMB Back-Office Aopplications

Quad Processor

$799 Per Month

  • 2.66GHz to 2.9GHz
  • Up to 8 cores
  • Fusce condimentum
  • Ideal For: High Transaction Applications, Virtualization & Private Cloud, Disaster Recovery

Premium Intel Hardware

We hate to save money on our hardware cost. We use high-end branded servers with latest Intel technology.

99.99% Uptime SLA

Our service level agreement includes a 99.99% uptime guarantee gives you peace of mind.

100Mbps Connection

All our Dedicated Servers are hosted on 100Mbps internet connectivity, it render your data fast.

World-class Data Centers

Host your dedicated server in Data Centers with 5-tier security conforming security compliance.

24x7x365 Live Support

Pro-active monitoring and trouble shooting is part of or 24×7 Support to ensure high availability.

To learn more about our bare metal servers, chat with a member of our sales team.


Choose a processor that best meets your performance needs.

Upgrade standard configuration to fine tune the hardware to your workload.

Palcom deploys your server
as configured within 12 to 24 hours.

Upgrade resources
as needed on demand via our Web portal


If you have questions about configuring your bare metal server, chat with our team and we’ll happy to help and guide you through the process of selecting and customizing it with hardware upgrades.


Features and Services included

All our bare metal servers come with one of the best set of features and services. With these features included at no additional cost you accelerate deployment and optimize your total cost of online operations.

NetworkSecurity/ComplianceSupportSystem Management


  • 10TB/month Outbound Public Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Inbound Public Bandwidth Free
  • Unlimited Private Network (Server-to-Server) Bandwidth
  • 100Mbps Public and Private Network Ports (upgradable to 10Gbps)
  • Private VLAN via Public & Private Network
  • Distributed DNS
  • Dual-Stack IPv4 and IPv6 Capable


  • 24×7 Onsite Security
  • Proximity and Biometric Access Control
  • Digital Security Video Surveillance


  • 24×7 Online and Phone Support
  • 24×7 Data Center Staffing
  • Advanced Resolution System
  • Trouble Ticketing System

System Management

  • Advanced System Reporting
  • Automated OS Reloads
  • Hardware Identification
  • Remote Reboot & Console Access
  • Flex Images
  • Nimsoft Monitoring
  • Image Import/Export Tool
  • PassMark BurnIn Test Certification
  • Rescue Kernel
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